IT WIZZARDS Pty Ltd - Trend Micro Home Network Security Station

IT WIZZARDS Pty Ltd - Trend Micro Home Network Security Station

Trend Micro Home Network Security Station

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Get the protection you need against online threats with the Trend Micro Home Network Security. Smart and practical, this security system service helps to protect your devices from potential network intrusion, identity theft, and web threats on your home network. This includes devices which usually cannot be protected by conventional anti-virus/security software such as gaming consoles, smart home theatre systems, smart watches and more*

Key Features

Easy to setup and powerful parental control features:
• Choose between monitoring or blocking what your kids are doing online
• Setup Internet time limits by user profiles in real time.
• Easily block websites by category
• Protect your kids from viewing adult/mature content
• You’re always in control

Enterprise grade security for all your connected devices:
• Scans and recommends changes to devices using the default/weak passwords
• Protection from intrusion attacks on your network and devices
• Protection from Ransomware and Phishing

Easy management of your entire internet connected devices:
• Complete management from your smartphone/tablet
• Easily recognize all the devices in your network by their name
• Setup profiles and group devices by users in your home
• Real time notification if a new device appears in your network

*Trend Micro Home Network Security is best used with Trend Micro Maximum Security software (sold separately) for complete protection.

System Requirements Internet connection, router or access point with an ethernet/LAN port, smartphone or tablet running Android 4.1 (or later) or Apple iOS 8.0 (or later)
Includes 24 month 5 device license of Maximum Security