SUblue White Shark Mix Underwater Scooter

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  • The Swim Glider also know as the SUblUE Whiteshark MIX, a revolutionary lightweight, hand-held propulsion device has arrived in Australia
  • The Swim Glider is the world?s smallest sea scooter and features a propulsion system consisting of two independently developed and evenly equipped propellers on both sides, enabling speeds of over 5 km/h
  • Made with an integrated body design, The Swim Glider features a minimalist and balanced ensuring use of the scooter is steady and controlled
  • It is rated to a maximum depth of 130 feet and the battery allows around 30 minutes of play time
  • Safety is provided with protective propeller coverings and dual magnetic switches on both handles to enable stop and start
  • With the supplied buoyancy float, the Swim Glider has ?zero buoyancy? to prevent it sinking away from you
  • This ergonomic, portable device even has a GoPro mount on the bottom for documenting your undersea adventure
  • (GoPro not included)

Product Details

Weight 2850g (Battery included)
Power 520W
Speed 5.4 km/h - 3.35 miles/hour (1.5m/s)
Working Depth 40m (maximum depth)
Battery 30 minutes
Indicator Light working status and battery charge indicator
External Support GoPro mount and buoyancy capsule
Motor System Single Thruster Force 4KGF. Maximum Power 260W
In the Box scooter, Li-Ion batter, intelligent charger, carry bag, buoyancy float, wrist lanyard, instruction manual
Power Adapter Voltage 11.1V

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