Leading Edge Computers Toronto (I.T.Wizzards Pty Ptd) have been servicing the Westlakes area since 1996. 

Our customers come in all sizes and include large corporations, local businesses, government agencies, professional practices, small and home offices, students and families. We supply, upgrade and repair most brands of desktop, laptop and server computers and supply most computer hardware and software products. We are Authorised Warranty service agents for Toshiba & Leader Systems.
We are also an Authorised Apple Reseller and can do out of Warranty apple repairs.

Technical Services Our Technicians Regularly Perform

Install & maintain cabled and wireless computer networks, including Internet & Intranet based services. Set up, deliver & install new computer systems including Apple, Acer, HP/Compaq, IBM, LEC, Toshiba & many more. Repair PCs, laptops, servers, etc. Upgrade existing systems as required including sourcing, installation & testing of power supplies, motherboard, memory, disk drives, CD/DVD/RW ROMs, video cards, printer ports, network cards, video cards etc.